Our Mission

Lower the global rate of neonatal deaths by improving local newborn care for both premature and full-term infants that require medical attention.

Our Strategy

  1. Invest in the education of neonatal caregivers
  2. Procure technology that is effective and appropriate
  3. Develop a community of caregivers that will advance our cause

The Nightwatch Foundation will collaborate with institutions that are considered centers of excellence in neonatal care in the region. We will work together with Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in the Central American and Caribbean region.

To maximize the impact of limited resources and improve the level of care, Nightwatch will leverage a geographical “hub and spoke” approach. This hub will serve as a centralized knowledge center that supports the spokes.

Over time, our goal is that our alumni and associated hospitals will then in turn become “hubs” for their local communities.

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

of Florida will serve as the hub for our first regional program in southeastern U.S., the Caribbean and Central America.

Our Phased Approach

Most deaths are related to preterm complications that can be prevented with training in essential, low-cost practices. Only if practitioners are properly trained can technology be effectively used.

For each phase, the curriculum will be hinged on the following two key principles:

  • Enhancing technical skills
  • Driving patient and family-centered care

Phase 1

Education Initiative

Support an integrated, world-class continuing education program for neonatal nurses and doctors

  • Train participants on a holistic approach to neonatal care— includes the newborn’s needs during and after such treatment
  • Focus on importance of communication with and care of the parents and family
  • Integrate changes in technology, treatment, and science into the refreshed Nightwatch curriculum

Phase 2

Technology Initiative

Procure tools and cutting edge technology for Nightwatch alumni and partner institutions to have the appropriate tools

  • Invest in technology (e.g., video conferencing equipment) that allows doctors in the partnering “hub” hospitals to advise alumni on neonatal cases and / or procedures in real time
  • Lease technology to partner institutions and Nightwatch alumni to use in their local hospitals

Phase 3

Community Initiative

Create a communications platform for the program’s alumni to network and foster innovation, support, and cross-pollination of ideas

  • Facilitate post-program knowledge transfer and best practice forum
  • Enable alumni and partner institutions to stay connected
  • Over time, encourage connectivity between hospitals and families

Our Value Proposition

Collaborating hospitals will become the education and research centers of excellence in neonatal care for entire regions.


Newborns will be the immediate beneficiaries from increasing survival rates to reducing the rate of relapses and disabilities. Providing proper local care reduces the stress on newborns and allows for timeliness of care.

Parents and Family

In addition to having improved care for their newborns, families would also benefit from having local alternatives. Local treatment also can mean less of an expense burden (than receiving treatment in another country) and would allow for proximity to the family’s support network in the area.

Participating Nurses and Doctors

Participants will count on an increased preparedness and access to necessary knowledge and tools to improve the level of care and services. Being part of an integrated network of doctors and nurses, they will have opportunities to mentor and learn, as well as have access to alternative training practices.

Local Community Members

Communities in The Nightwatch Foundation program regions will have access to improved local care for it's members.

Global Communities

The more data we collect on successful interventions, treatment innovations, and best practices around the world, the better our global standards of care will be. Lifesaving interventions come from all around the world.

Collaborating Hospitals

Hospitals working in collaboration with The Nightwatch Foundation will become the education and research centers of excellence in neonatal care for entire regions. In addition to increasing brand recognition locally and abroad, the hospitals can be recipients of the foundation's resources.

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